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Monthly Archives: October 2016

How to become a Certified Coding Specialist

How to become a Certified Coding Specialist


Medical coding is an excellent career opportunity these days. Many who pass out as graduatesin streams like B Pharmacy, Microbiology, Biotechnology, and Health Education have found this career option very beneficial. At our training institute, we have trained many graduates in medicalcoding, and most of them are gainfully employed.

Joshi Medicode has always emphasized on onsite/realtime training with special focus on industry exposure to gain insights of the latest happenings. This would help students get practical training and they would develop skills fit for the industry. Another aspect we at Joshi Medicode always stress is the need for certification.

Careers in healthcare actually take a different dimension when students become a certified coding specialists. The demand for certified and skilled professionals is very high in the industry. Having a certification presents opportunities for higher pay packages and better career growth.

A certified medical coder or health information technician is a professional who is responsible for overseeing records of patients. A medical coder works as an intermediary to insurance company, billing office, and health clinic. Medical coders need skills that are detail oriented, and analytical. They need to be proficient with medical software.

For employment, medical coders need training in medical coding and billing and it involves medical terminology, pathophysiology, reimbursement methods, coding systems, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and ICD10. Medical coders work at hospitals, clinics, physicians’ offices, and insurance companies and the need
for accuracy in coding is very important. For this, we at Joshi Medicode provide training to get a certification from American Health Information Management Association. We provide in depth training and corporate training so that participants understand the intricacies of coding.

We prepare participants for various certifications including Certified Coding Specialist, and Certified Coding Specialist Physician based.

Certified Coding Specialist is opted by coding professionals who provide services to hospitals. The exam consists of two parts including multiple choice questions,and patient case scenarios for coding. Hitherto, the exam was based upon ICD9, but since theadvent of ICD10, exams are based on them.

Our professionals have huge industry experience and are well versed with ICD10.Training would be comprehensive and concentrates on all the aspects. The exam as such tests the explicit set of competencies.

It includes:

Health Information Documentation.
Diagnosis & Procedure Coding.
Regulatory Guidelines and Reporting Requirements for Acute Care (Inpatient) Service.
Regulatory Guidelines and Reporting Requirements for Outpatient Services.
Data Quality and Management.
Information and Communication Technologies.
Privacy, Confidentiality, Legal, and Ethical Issues.

With professional training in these domains, students have higher chances of passing the exam and getting a certification. A certified coding specialist draws better salaries and has more chances for career growth.

If you are interested to become a certified coding specialist, visit  www.joshimedicode.com

Medical Coding and AHIMA Certification

Medical Coding and AHIMA Certification
ahima-certificationWe at Joshi Medicode Technologies have been training students in medical coding for someyears now. Our students have found jobs successfully in many major healthcare companies.
There are many students who come to enquire about medical coding. Among them, a
percentage are encouraged by their friend’s success, some of them are individually motivated,and some of them are purely there for making good money.

In most cases, these students who come to enquire about medical coding only have a vague idea. All they know is that it is a very rewarding career, which is quite true. However, medical coding is a profession that is often driven by passion. Students need to be passionate about having a career in healthcare.

Having a keen interest about the latest surgical procedures, and latest developments in medical technology would help a student become a better coder. Apart from this, one has to have a fair understanding of the human anatomy and medical terminology.
When the passion of a student to learn is combined with excellent professional training, the result would be top notch medical coders. As training providers, Joshi Medicode has produced many students who have excellent jobs in the US healthcare industry. This is because we approach training in a different manner.

Our instructors are certified and have onsite/real time experience. Our training is career
focussed and is relevant to the current industrial conditions. With our classroom, and corporate training we have been able to impart positive knowledge.

We specially prepare syllabus that enables students to prepare for AHIMA certifications. AHIMA Certification is very useful for those who want to have a career in the healthcare industry. AHIMA provides certifications in various aspects of healthcare. They are: HIM, coding, healthcare privacy and security, or health data analysis.

One can earn the AHIMA credentials by passing the exam. This is a vital step towards having a great career in medical coding as investing in AHIMA certification is investing in a long term paying career.

One is ensured of increased earning potential, career advancement, and job mobility. AHIMA Certification signifies a high level of achievement and demonstrates proficiency and a broadbase of knowledge.

It is for this reason that many major healthcare companies seek to employ AHIMA certified
medical coders. They feel that by doing so there is a high level of competency, care and quality in high standard, and there would be minimum scope for errors.
If you want to have a great career that pays generously, then AHIMA certification is the thing for you.

We at Joshi Medicode have trained many students to get certified. If you are interested to
know more please visit https://www.joshimedicode.com/

Career in Medical Transcription, Pay Scale

Medical Transcription Career Information


You must be wondering what exactly is Medical transcription? Medical transcription or MT means translating voice medical record, which is dictated by the health care professionals into the legible text format.  This translation is done by a Medical Transcriptionist.

Let’s first understand what exactly is MT and how does the entire process work. The health care provider performs a detailed assessment and examination. The provider records the detailed findings of the patient in the form of a verbal record. The transcriptionist listens to these recordings with headphones. The recordings done by the provider generally includes medical terminologies, therefore, the transcriptionist should be well versed with the basic anatomy and physiology. The transcriptionist also translates the terms into their full forms and avoids medical jargon. Another role of transcriptionist is to format, proofread and check the grammar.

Medical Transcription – Satisfying your life

Selecting a right career is very important because you spend your time, effort and of course money. Now you must be thinking of the pay scale. MT is a fast growing career option, and therefore you need not compromise for salary. The salary depends on the type and amount of work you do. The salary gradually increases with experience.

The U.S. Department of Labor announced the average earnings of an MT in the year 2010-2011, which   was between $22430 to $45700. Seeing these numbers, we can say that the earnings can vary greatly and it’s really tough to come up with a real earnings statistic.

Salary of a medical transcriptionist also depends on whether you work in a hospital setting or online from home. A benefit of working from home is that you can work independently and manage your earnings.

What is the future of medical transcription?

MT is only one of its kind professions. MTs career is based completely on the accuracy and knowledge.

Talking about the future of MT, it is very positive. There won’t be a day that people stop visiting the health care providers. The reason can be a small wound or a life-threatening situation. Therefore, the requirement of MT will be there for a long time to come. However, the transcriptionists must keep their skills and knowledge up-to-date. As per the latest analysis, the following trends are causing the MT to flourish:

  • Advancements in technology and software
  • Outsourcing of work
  • Latest and updated guidelines to work on

Therefore, you can shine your future in MT by polishing your skills from time to time.

What is the career path for a medical transcriptionist?

Your future depends on your present.

As discussed above, there are many good opportunities for a career in MT in the coming future. Nearly 90% of MT says that using electronic technology has filled the gaps.

American Health Information Management Association along with Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity found out that the new technologies have changed the way of working.

If you want to become an MT, it is important to invest in appropriate education and training. You need not undergo an extensive training for being a medical transcriptionist. MT is a perfect career option for you if you are able to dedicate your time.

We at Joshi Medicode Technologies provide you with exceptional medical transcription skills, which will help you work right after your graduation. If you are n about your career as a MT, then this is the right place to get yourself trained and placed. Just click here to get details about the desired courses.

If you are interested, then we are here to help you out. We provide you with an initial assessment, which will help you, determine your potential to be a medical transcriptionist.


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