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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Medical coding is an investment for your future- not an expense

Remember your visit to a doctor; your health provider would receive a bill containing a current procedural terminology (CPT) for the evaluation, diagnosis of the ailments through requisite tests like X-Ray, blood test, etc. This CPT code is what is what medical coding. The advancements and ever-changing needs of the healthcare industry facilitate the integration of data in healthcare.

Need and scope of medical coding:

Statistics indicate that around 9800 CPT codes are generated for every type of healthcare service offered by clinical practitioners. Also, there are 14,000 international classifications of diseases for which there are specified clinical codes for medical diagnoses.

A trained medical coder reviews the medical records to assign the codes and ensure the proper reimbursement services. The crucial role of a medical coder entails studying the medical evaluation by the doctors, assigning codes and determining what the patient is availing services.

Skills involved in medical coding:

Knowledge and competency of medical coding also involve private payer policies and government regulations for fundamental billing purposes and reduces the risk of loss in revenue by the doctors.

A certified professional coder demonstrates his proficiency and accuracy that entices

  • Physician’s services,
  • Surgery centers, hospitals, and healthcare systems.
  • Abstracting the correct diagnosis and procedural code.
  • Handling of the back office operations of the hospitals and medical practitioners.
  • Skills and efficiency in the review, processing and submitting the medical claims.

The data orientation involved in the work needs a careful review of the patient’s chart. The cruciality of the role necessitates that the coders should keep themselves upgraded about the new rules and regulations and the latest medical terminology and anatomy.

Prospective career: With an average range earning a potential of $3000 to $50000 per year, medical coders can establish themselves substantially in the job market with a higher potential.  According to the annual survey of AAPC, certified medical coders earn more than 21% in contrast to non-certified coders. Statistics also indicate that health care industry forms the major component of all the sectors of the economy.

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Investing your future career entails online/associate/bachelor’s degree in the field, alongside the medical and computer skills in basic biology and software related to computer billing.

Career and proficiency:

As a medical coder, you would be liaising with the health care provider and insurance companies, as you hold the demographic information associated with the patient as well as the summary of the treatment. The medical coder also analyses the purpose of claims filling, nature of the illness, list of medication, playing a significant role in medical decision making and evaluation of the patient history. The skills and software like ICD-9-CM and CPT codes help in claim processing which transmits the claim to the insurance company through electronic data interchange, ANSI 837 and CMS-1500. Being a medical coder, you would find handling crucial data of health insurance claims, billing management and documentation, electronic data interchange and modification, health insurance and managed care.

Thus the field of medical coding provides an alluring career in higher level medical management. An efficient coder has a crucial role in ensuring the financial success of a physician.

Thus opting for a career in the field of medical coding is an investment itself for your future.

Medical Coding Training: An Amplifying Element To Job Prospects

The growing needs of the healthcare industry require the specialized tools and procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of minor to major ailments. Medical coding is one such specialized field of study that makes use of the alphanumeric coding to communicate the critical information related to various medical conditions and treatments. The study entailing the medical coding plays an essential role in the healthcare business. The complex medical terminology gets translated into a standardized format and is accurately and efficiently transmitted between health care providers.  The use of medical coding ensures proper maintenance of the patient medical records, verification of reimbursement facilities, monitoring of health threats and outbreaks of major epidemics.

A  career in medical coding requires the knowledge of the medical terminology related to the human anatomy, health conditions and the prescribed medications to be used. A career in Medical coding is a promising skill entices knowledge and study of health information technology. Professionals in the field get to enhance the career opportunities working with the hospitals, insurance companies and customer service oriented tasks of the healthcare industry. Those who wish to explore the world of medical billing and coding need to complete a certification course through a post-secondary certificate or associate program.

For an accurate categorization of products and services being offered to the patients, various trajectories of the field entail application of the proprietary software like CPT, HCPCS, and ICD that align to the electronic health and medical records.

Beyond the technicalities of the core curriculum, the proficiency of the medical coding, billing, and transcription include the following components:

  • Entry of vital medical data.
  • Submission of claims to billing companies for insurance reimbursements.
  • Examining the patient chart and health history thereby ensuring the accurate coding of the patient’s health care.
  • Follow up with the patients and healthcare professionals and insurance providers.
  • Management of accounts payable and patient invoices.
  • Analyse and investigate the medical claims through medical chart audits.

Remaining upgraded to the latest coding standards and federal regulations.

Statistical and research studies indicate that the global career opportunities in the field of medical coding and billing are higher and is expected to rise over the years, in contrast to the other career options. Medical coding is an excellent alternative exploration point concerning the clinical and health administration. A requisite credential through the post-secondary certification or a diploma in the field helps you in finding a role that matches the professional health needs.

Joshi Medicode Technologies heads you to stand among such million aspirants that emphasize the practical application base to address the issues while developing a continued career training efficiently. We prepare the professional coders aligned to the professional networking associations and certification agencies like American Academy of Professional Coders(AAPC) and American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). The benchmarked standard credentials would make you the certified professional coder and enable you to explore the compliance standards of auditing, coding of the electronic medical records.

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