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Monthly Archives: January 2017

The facts about Medical Coding: The real myth buster

Medical Coding involves the transformation of healthcare diagnosis, medical services, and equipment into universal medical alphanumeric codes. The procedural codes entail the medical record documentation, transcription of physician’s notes, results of laboratory tests and radiology, etc. To become a certified medical coder, one needs to have the knowledge of healthcare systems, and the procedures performed on the patient, that form the major component of medical claims. The massive amount of data entailing the patient’s records, particularly in the case of major ailments, medical coding helps in efficiently handling huge quantities of information.

A medical coder needs to have the knowledge about three types of codes such as

  1. International classification of diseases(ICD)- this represents doctor’s diagnosis of the patient’s condition.
  2. Current Procedure Terminology(CPT): This code is published and maintained by the American Medical Association and is five-digit numeric codes that get updated annually.
  3. Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System: Involves a set of laws based on CPT codes. Correspond to the procedures and durable medical equipment, ambulance rides, prosthetics, drugs, and medicines, etc.

Thus the role of Medical coding and billing specialists assumes significance in the medical industry. The specialized knowledge in translating the medical records into standardized codes for inpatient and outpatient needs is a crucial task. The professionals usually work on site for various healthcare facilities.

Few important facts about the medical coding:

  1. Research and statistics project a steady increase in the job market by 2018.
  2. Increased demand for coding services was owing to the growing number of medical tests, treatments, and procedures.
  3. There is an increasing need for the professionals in the field due to the increased demand for liaising with health care professionals, insurance industries and maintenance of electronic medical records.
  4. It is a vast field of knowledge which requires fast-paced work and flexibility of work schedule.
  5. Earning the certification in medical coding makes you a lucrative career in prospective organizations.
  6. Every place that offers medical services like hospitals, outpatient, and inpatient clinics besides hospitals require the assistance of a medical coding specialist.

Joshi Medicode comprehensive curriculum provides a real-world experience and the skills to excel in the workforce. The candidates would get to develop professional support from the team expertise that enables you to move into the workforce successfully.

Here are few of the myths  and facts related to medical coding:

Learning medical coding is easy and can be done in a short period of 6 weeks. The fact is that a six-week training program is not sufficient to acquire the practical experience or skills. Coding requires an active long-term learning and continuous skill up gradation.

You can work from your comfort zone: It ‘s hard to obtain the requisite experience without building sufficient proficiency which can only happen through onsite learning under the supervision of a medical expert.

Medical coding involves only the knowledge of the medical field and material: A good understanding of the medical terminology, anatomy, diagnostic, and procedure evaluation is necessary but not limited. A medical coder needs to have the requisite knowledge of insurance policies, coding guidelines, math skills, attention to detail and organization.

The field involves mostly data entry: The fact is medical coding requires specialized knowledge to decipher a physician’s notes and to choose the right notes for billing. They should be able to determine the relevance of the information that requires specialized knowledge in information coding and application of the guidelines.

Statistical surveys indicate that the demand for medical records and information technicians will increase by 2024. More exposure to the new code set ensures better reporting of the patient’s medical condition.

Before applying to the course, one needs to check for proper accreditation and acceptability to various agencies and companies. Accordingly, gain a practical hands-on experience through on the job training and internships enhances your career prospects.

At the outset, medical coding requires credentials, dedication, expertise and hard work to ensure the right fit in the pharmaceutical industry.

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