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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Trends impacting the future of medical coding in 2017

Working in the healthcare sector is a crucial factor and likely to be trendy in the present days. Most of us are aware of a nurse, medical assistant or a medical lab technician working in a hospital or a diagnostic center. It is certainly worthy to be studying and progressively making a career in the challenging healthcare sector.

The managed healthcare industry, in particular, is showing an evolving trend, and it is crucial for medical professionals to stay abreast of the modern trends.

Medical coding is one such challenging field of study owing to the recent advancements keeping up your pace while handling crucial medical information.

What is Medical Coding?

Medical coding is a specialized professional study that entails the broader healthcare administration. A professional medical coder reviews the documentation of the patient’s records translates the written documentation into a universal standard medical code using certain algorithms. These codes are submitted to the third parties to collect the statistical information related to specific ailments and develop treatment protocols.

Let us consider the healthcare trends that affect the future of medical coding and see the way it is going to have a long-lasting effect on the healthcare sector.  


  • The transition towards ICD-10:

Since last October, the coding system has got upgraded through the transition to ICD(International Classification of Diseases)- 10 coding system in the patient procedures. ICD-10 has around 69,823 diagnosis codes, and 71,924 procedure codes and the addition of  140,000 new codes makes it essential for the coders to adapt to new changes to prove themselves productive and efficient in the industry.

Many employers provide training to ease the transition.  However, it is certainly advantageous if an individual enrolls for training in ICD-10 and sharpen one’s skills.

  1. Electronic Health Records:

Coders can leverage their value in the healthcare industry while getting familiarized with the latest coding trends like the Electronic Health Records(EHR).

Every aspect of professional health care services involves diligent record keeping.  Poor record maintenance can lead to a variety of problems. The traditional paperwork system of paper health record systems in smaller organizations has glaring setbacks in the form of occupying a lot of space,  vulnerable to lose and getting destroyed, difficulty in disseminating and storage. It is not the case with Electronic medical records, which is one of the upcoming trends. EHR system makes the process of medical coding more efficient and accurate as far as the professionals in the field are aware of the new trends and software. Comprehensive training in EHR will assist the billers in excelling in their roles and making the process of coding much easier.  

  1. Updated CPT codes:

The CPT or Current Procedural Terminology involve identification of codes that the coders use to report medical procedures and services. Upgradation of the CPT codes happens more frequently mostly every six months and are not very static. This emerging technology is crucial for a medical coder to avoid any delay, risk of incorrect coding, delays in backup for doctors and patients.

Why should Medical coder seek a coding certification?

A medical coder is a person who translates all the details of a patient’s record into medical codes that are used by insurance companies, to determine the reimbursed facilities. Thus the role of a medical coder is crucial to a health care provider.

Medical coding career path- opportunities:

  • Ranging from a study of pediatrics to orthopedics to oncology an experienced and certified medical coder has ample opportunities to an advancement of his career in the healthcare industry.
  • One can become a health information technician, specialist in medical billing, clinical documentation specialist, patient information director, quality management coordination.
  • A student who earns a medical billing and coding certificate is on the edge of gaining a projected increase in employment opportunities by 22% by the year 2022, according to the Bureau of Labour statistics.

Job of a Medical Coding Specialist:

Whenever a patient visits a clinic or a hospital, specific codes are assigned to keep track of the visit which is termed as Medical coding. The system ensures systematic categorization of health care visits that help in the billing and process insurance claims by the citizens. These specific medical codes use the software called CPT, HCPCS, and ICD.  

Complex medical systems are converted into clear, distinct codes in the process of medical coding. A specialist in the entry level of clinical coding works through analysing clinical documentation, assign appropriate diagnosis besides abstracting the codes and other clinical data. The information helps in determining the insurance reimbursement levels, patterns of illness, quality of care thereby reducing discrepancies of payment in documentation and charging.

Is it difficult to learn?:

For a novice in the field, medical coding is as much as learning a foreign language, difficult but not impossible. Your diligence, attention to detail can make you a successful coder.

However, at Joshi Medicode you would find the most effective and easier ways to explore the field through the unique methods of teaching using

  • Virtual learning/classroom sessions.
  • Personalized one to one interaction and guidance.
  • Certified Professional
  • Easy and understandable learning sessions.

What makes you significant?

As much as detecting the patient’s medical problem can be challenging, learning to read the medical records is equally challenging and a vital task. Coders get insights into several interesting facts of medical records, in fact, the stories behind their minor and major ailments that make a study of the field lucrative.

Skilled medical coders help in running the insurance payments that can help to serve the needs of the majority of the patients. A coder’s job becomes critical as they translate the details of the patient records into codes. These codes are used by the insurance companies to determine the amount of reimbursement of the medical fees from the respective hospitals.

Is medical coding right for you?

If you look forward to a successful career in this field, you need to prepare yourself in the rapidly emerging field. Accordingly, the following skills are required to be successful whether you are a novice or gain further expertise through medical coding training and certification.

  • The basic grasp of medical terminology
  • Attention to detail and discretion
  • Analytical and technical grasp and logic can be helpful.
  • Adaptability to learn new software programs.
  • Consistent reading, deeper understanding, reviewing and memorizing can make your study efficient and easy.

Beyond all your career transition and eligibility, Joshi Medicode would help you guide effectively to make your professional career in medical coding, billing, and transcription an easy affair.

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