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Monthly Archives: March 2017

How could stepping into medical coding be a right career decision?

Presently, there is  30% shortage for medical coders and billers nationwide, making now a great time to jump into the Healthcare field. Besides a good salary, a medical coding and billing career offer plenty of advancement opportunities. All the procedure or service provided by healthcare professionals such as a doctor is assigned a numerical code. This code is utilized for disease and ailment classification. It is necessary for patient record keeping, insurance, and medical claims. Medical coders can serve in a diverse range of environments including medical clinics,  hospitals, doctors surgeries and insurance companies. Need more convincing reasons to know why medical coding and billing career is a good choice? Here are three big reasons why a medical coding and billing career is an awesome choice.

You are at the heart of one of the nation’s biggest industries

Health Care is one of the most significant industries in the country and is developing rapidly. It is assumed to generate 2.8 million new jobs by 2022. Due to growing advancements in the field of medical, government regulations medical coding is becoming a necessary software to serve the clients with accuracy & transparency.

Just view around you has a basket full of opportunities.  

Many companies require qualified and skilled medical coding staff extending from hospitals to practices to insurance companies. You can also give a try for a contract or remote opportunities which often have added fringe benefits such as higher pay rates. Medical coding is an exciting profession that can provide stimulating and rewarding opportunities to dedicated individuals.

Great Pay.

Entry level medical coders can develop their earning potential with skills and experience by getting well recognized medical coding certification in AHIMA and AAPC certifications. There are few additional courses such as CCS, CCA, CCS-P, CPC, CPC-H. under which training can be done to improve your career path that can help you enhance your earning potential. Certification is one such avenue that can assist you to go into management based positions where your skills are valued.

Short and flexible training time.

A course in medical coding can be accomplished in just two months; this is ideal for candidates who are keen to get out into the workforce and start earning. For candidates that need to pace the learning to fit in with other commitments, the online courses or training provide a flexible learning schedule. The courses are designed to get the candidate ready to take the exam. As soon as you qualify, you can immediately start working.

Work at home opportunities.

Some companies will consider work from home, this is great for candidates who enjoy working from the comfort of their home. In particular, with the cost of childcare, stay at home moms can operate out a schedule to support work commitments and raise the children at the same time.

Six Reasons Why Medical Coding is Booming Presently

Nowadays there is an extraordinary growth in the career opportunities in different fields. Many new opportunities are arising in the job market. Among the various upcoming jobs, Medical Coding is an excellent career option for the youth of the country. With the growth of the different sectors, the healthcare industry is also witnessing a sudden growth in the country. This industry is generating millions of jobs not only in India but also in other developed and developing countries.

Medical Coding is one of the actively growing fields in India. As industries are growing day by day according to industry data, the offshore healthcare services industry is expanding at a rate of 25-35 % per year. Medical coding is the fastest-growing outsourced business process in the nation, so trained and certified coders are required. Unfortunately, at present, very few of healthcare employers are adequately staffed with trained medical coders. The most common reason behind this is the lack of qualified candidates. In the United States currently, only 49% of employers have an adequate staff of medical coders due to the lack of trained candidates.

If the benefits and reasons below resonated with you, then it’s the time to consider a career in medical coding.


  • Demand For Medical Coders


There is an increasing need for medical coders and now is the correct time to join this industry if you’re looking for a healthy job market. With the impending switch from ICD-9 to ICD-10, we will soon see the need for skilled medical coders with ICD-10 certification and training and at that point, unless the state has issued an extension, it will be expected that all medical coding shall be done by implementing ICD-10. This change will devise many healthcare and insurance providers unequipped to continue providing service in the same position. In preparation for this switch, several medical coding companies, and healthcare service providers are looking out coders with ICD-10 certification.


  • Potential For Growth And Promotion


Medical coding needs attention to detailing, organizing, and strong critical thinking skills. These elements are not for everyone and will eliminate those who are not cut out for the requirements of this job. However, those who can handle these challenges will thrive in this position. Leaders in healthcare are aware of the importance of skilled medical coders, and the essential role played by them in the healthcare industry and will reward those who demonstrate these critical skills.  


  • Be A Part Of One Of The Largest And Fastest Growing Industry


From an economic point of view, healthcare continues to be one of the most stable and profitable industries in India. For those seeking a job with potential long-term investment, the healthcare industry is the smartest choice. While several companies falter with fluctuations in the stock market and other economic variables, health care providers are always in demand.  This requirement has led to the further need for medical coders to meet the medical services needs.


  • Work Remotely


Despite medical coders work in settings ranging from doctor’s offices to insurance agencies, many coders enjoy the bonus of working from home, and this is appealing for those candidates looking for a flexible work schedule or for those candidates who belong from a remote location. Other advantages include; avoidance of stressful commutes and spend an increase of personal time.


  • Opportunity to Start Your Own Business


Medical coders are frequently hired as independent contractors, working remotely like their own business. If you consider yourself an entrepreneur looking for a way to start your company this may be an excellent opportunity for investment. Once the candidate is done investing time in gaining medical coding certification and training, then he or she can join a business market with several appealing opportunities.


  • Provide An Invaluable Service


Coders provide an indispensable service to the healthcare and insurance providers. Medical coders may not be in the limelight or at the front line, yet without coders, neither of the industries would be able to do their job. They provide the voice for insurance companies to decipher claims and start processing payments. Without high quality and detailed codes, insurance companies cannot process the argues that ultimately keep our healthcare system in the business.

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