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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Interview Tips for Medical Coding

The interview process is the most challenging step one faces while applying for new positions in any field. It is very important to keep calm and poise during the interviews, particularly if you are a student studying medical billing and coding. The field requires not only a concrete understanding of how to perform coding but also your ability to adapt to specific needs of individual practices.

Following are the tips that you can follow before you take that interview.

Presenting yourself professionally:  First impression is the best impression. Nowadays, when the work environment is more casual, the question arises, whether it is necessary to appear professional? But then, you will be surprised to know that many who attend interviews have failed because they could not make a proper impression, by the way, they dress and what they said during the interview did not seem to be appropriate. It is very important that you present yourself professionally even if the workplace is casual. Your aim should be always to show up to a medical billing and coding interview in a professional and neat clothing so that your prospective employer has a very good first impression about you.

Present your hard skills: One of the foremost questions that you will face in the interview for medical coding is about your actual expertise and experience in the area. Let your interviewer know your experience and you need to present it with valid data. If you are fresher in the field, talk about the same. the early interviews are for finding out your raw ability. If you were academically good, talk about it and explain how good you in understanding billing and coding. The subsequent interviews that are conducted further in the process might focus on your personality and whether you are a match for that specific practice But you need to manage the unexpected questions that are asked in between. Go through the websites and news articles to find out the latest updates and changes in healthcare laws and policies.

Emphasise your Soft Skills: Your hard skills for medical coding plays an integral part in the interview process. But your soft skills are also important.  Before attending an interview, try learning about the organization you plan to attend the interview, their services, their practices and also about their clientele.  In case, you have done an internship in a medical billing and coding clinic or practice, don’t forget to mention that. This will add value to the interview.

How exactly is Medical Coding different from Medical Transcription?

The terms like Medical coding and medical transcription are often used interchangeably, despite the fact that they are somehow different from each other. Nevertheless, these terms represent careers that are indispensable for the medical profession.  All these careers need an adequate understanding of medical terminology, physiology, and anatomy.

Medical coding and transcription are interconnected professions that are pivotal for every healthcare provider. A better perception of the job description of each of those critical professions will surely help in the development of the careers which will be reflected in a better quality of the health care services offered.

What is Medical transcription and what are its opportunities?

Medical transcription applies to the profession which is centered on the process of conversion of audio reports recorded by physicians and other healthcare providers, such as nurses, into written or typed text format.

Medical transcriptions play a crucial factor in the healthcare industry. Medical transcribers need to have sound knowledge of medical terminology, physiology. and anatomy, Medical transcribers role is to translate medical records written by doctors and other medical professionals related to this field. Medical transcribers need to have good working knowledge of computer systems and have a right level of typing skill. Medical transcribers start by working in a healthcare setting, and after several years of work experience, they may work from the house or establish their transcription businesses.

What is Medical coding and what are its opportunities?

Medical Coding provides codes to diagnose the procedures which assist in financial settlement from insurance companies, IT companies, government agencies and consulting firms. Medical Coding is known as insurance coding in the healthcare industry. This industry produces medical coders who specialize in coding after a comprehensive training course and a certification process. Medical coders work in different places right from Hospitals, clinics to dentists and should have information on medical terminology and physiology.

The major difference between Medical Transcription and Medical Coding

Medical transcription includes translating laboratory reports or other medical data as written by medical personnel. Medical coding is converting prescriptions of medical data into numeric or alphanumeric codes to assist the medical billing process. The Medical Transcriptionist assures the notes of the medical personnel are comprehensible while the coder provides that the coding needed for billing insurance organizations are entered correctly.

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