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Steps to make a winning career in medical coding

Steps to make a winning career in medical coding

Today, medical coding or medical coders are in demand healthcare professionals, who can expect to have a great job security in their future. As the healthcare industry is expanding, it is turning out to be the fastest growing industry. And now is the time to make a smart career move.

In a short time, with 45 days or less of training, you can be ready for a career which pays well, is meaningful, has the job security and allows you to work hours which matches your lifestyle.

Here are few steps which you with an excellent way to make a winning career in the  booming healthcare industry

Step 1. Learn More about Medical Coding

The very first step to start down the path of this career is to learn about medical coding. Before you start your training in the field, you need to make sure that this is the field you are really interested.  There are many reasons for you take up this as a career, which includes the regular hours, a job security, a good salary.

Step 2. Learn what the career in Medical Coding Has to Offer to you

You need to know the main benefits of taking up a job as a medical coder. You may have a certain idea about how much you want to earn, how many hours you will spending on the work, but you should also know if it matches with the dreams you have for your future.

Step 3. Enroll in an institute Once you have all the knowledge of what the profession involves, you should start looking for institutes that offer training programs in medical coding.  Joshi Medicode Technologies makes you ready for a professional career in Medical Coding, Billing and Transcription. We at Joshi Medicode emphasize the practical methods of learning. and prepare you to excel in the medical coding certification exam.

Step 4. Get certified: Most of the employers prefer to hire certified professionals. There are numerous industry organizations which offer certifications for medical coding specialists. Two of the most popular credentials are the Certified Professional Coder(CPC), American Academy of Professional Coders'(AAPC) and American Health Information Management Association’s (AHIMA). These credentials are awarded when the applicant has passed the associated certification exam.

Step 5. Get a job: Look for the institute that includes placement assistance services for their graduates. You should also put your resume on job sites as well as participate in professional networking forums to find more job opportunities. Get active in industry circles by networking with other professionals, attending seminars, and becoming a member of local chapters of professional organizations such as AAPC and AHIMA.

Benefits of being a certified medical coder.

Benefits of being a certified medical coder.

Medical coding is the in-demand career right now, and there is a high rise in medical coding jobs. One can have a great career in medical coding if they have an excellent medical coding training which prepares them for certification tests.

A medical coder who is certified is a professional responsible for overseeing records of patients.  Working as an intermediary to the insurance company, health clinic, and billing office, medical coders require skills which are detail oriented and analytical. They should also be proficient with the medical software.

Advantages of Certified as a Medical Coder

There is an inherent advantage of being certified, as it distinguishes a certified medical coder as more competent, knowledgeable and committed to quality.  It also gives one a competitive edge in career advancement and to be considered for higher administrative positions in the medical industry.

A certified medical coder gets a foundation of learning in medical terminology, pathophysiology, anatomy, and physiology. He is prepared to work as certified coding specialist in health data management. Also, finds deep understanding compliance with the medical law and ethical standards set out by national health service organization.

Being certified will also help employers know that one has learned the skills needed to work in this field. It also provides one with the confidence to work independently and reassures employers, giving a tremendous advantage over those who are not certified.

One with certifications in the field can earn more than those without. Certifications increase the earning potential. Medical coders can also establish themselves substantially in the job market with a higher potential with an average range earning the potential of US$3000 to $50000 per year. According to the annual survey of AAPC, certified medical coders earn more than 21% in contrast to non-certified coders. The medical coders who are certified have some bargaining power when interviewing for a new job, especially when one has already experience in the medical field.

Medical coders with a certification are committed to higher quality and have a good understanding of medical coding and the errors associated with them. Employers understand this quality and are more likely to hire one with a certificate than another one who doesn’t own a certificate.

The huge advantage of a medical coder who has certifications is that they would be recognized by employers, medical societies, and government organizations. This helps a candidate to secure great jobs and they also draw salaries much more than ones who are not certified.

Being certified ensures one to have a grand entry for jobs in the US healthcare industry. Being one of the fastest growing professions in the US, medical coding is emerging as a highly rewarding career and one with certification earns 20% more than noncertified medical coders.

Getting AAPC certification from Joshi Medicode

AAPC certifications provide working knowledge for cleaner claim submission, quicker reimbursement, and a lesser number of denials. AAPC certifications include professional service coding (CPC), hospital outpatient (COC), hospital inpatient (CIC), payer perspective coding (CPC-P), professional billing (CPB), medical auditing (CPMA), medical compliance (CPCO), and physician practice management (CPPM).

We at Joshi Medicode provide in-depth classroom, and virtual training to pass out the AAPC certification exams.  Our certified course in medical coding prepares students for these exams.

Visit our website https://www.joshimedicode.com  if you are interested in a career in the healthcare industry and get certified.

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