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Monthly Archives: September 2017

5 Common mistakes everyone makes as a Business Analyst.

A healthcare business analyst is expected to bridge the gap between the traditional and advanced methods of information gathering. A healthcare business analyst holds the responsibility for creation and implementation of both reports and analysis to maximize the effectiveness of healthcare management through initiatives and strategies.

The works on a vast landscape with possibilities to commit mistakes unknowingly; and, even the single error affects the complete profitability, team members’ performance, and customer satisfaction. The learning is a continuous process; the following are often committed five mistakes by business analysts will help you improve your performance: 

Mistake 1: Inappropriate language in requirements

Business analyst often fails in communicating the requirements in proper technical terms from the specific technical viewpoint. It is expected that business analysts keep the requirements tested and well structured.

Business Analysts must make the requirements – SMART: Specific – Measurable- Attainable- Realizable -Time-bound. Going a step ahead of this usually used ‘SMART’ approach, one can follow – SMART-CC that adds Complete & Concise to ‘SMART’ acronym. The organization itself is the primary user of the requirements that a business analyst collects and make smart for testing; so, ensure that there is no confusion in understanding by anyone involved.  

Mistake 2: Making assumptions in requirements

If you have any uncertainties regarding the requirements, keep questions ready or write it as business analysis assumptions and highlight it in your document. Review it thoroughly with your stakeholders as early as possible.

Mistake 3: A Conversation without a thought Line

The proper conversation with stakeholders is an essential latchkey to complete any project successfully, but it needs to be in the line of the perspectives you get after the analysis of business needs and that of the project. Non-relevant discussions put just the blinders to actual requirements and distract the team members from the task causing frustration. The competent business analysts avoid involving too many stakeholders in reviews to get the best solution for a particular issue; all the meetings should be issue based.  

Mistake 4: Get feedback.

Get feedback about the requirements from the stakeholders. It is always advised to prefer looping your Managers and the Development team (so that you know the requirements are feasible).

Note:  Always remember – incorrect requirements are worse than incomplete requirements.

Mistake 5: Requirements traceability

The ability to trace business requirements into test cases and to propagate these into functional requirements and development tasks is essential. Never miss that. A proper process makes a smart business analyst. If there are any corrections in the requirement, the business analyst can quickly tell which test cases will be impacted based on the analysis. That makes everything easy.

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Learning Medical Billing Is Not Difficult At All! You Just Need A Great Instructor!

Learning medical billing becomes easier when you have a good and experienced medical coding instructor.  They have an excellent grasp of medical coding and have understood the subject inside and out. At Joshi Medicode, the instructor’s main duty is to teach eager students about medical billing and how to use them in a practical setting. This involves teaching students about general medical terminology and also different types of medical billing codes and how and when to use them.

Here are few important things that a great instructor does:

Helping students understand tough concepts: One of the toughest jobs of a medical billing instructor is to make the students understand difficult concepts. And to make things easier, they break down these concepts and make them easy to understand.  They go through the lessons and administer tests and quizzes to make sure that all students have grasped the concepts and ready to grasp the more difficult aspects of medical coding.

Personalised attention to the students who have difficulty in understanding: And in those times, when a student has a trouble understanding something, he spends additional time helping that individual providing personalized attention and helping that student succeed. He does not mind spending some one-on-one time with a student.  In addition to teaching the regular lessons and testing students, the medical billing instructors will help the students and guide them in the right direction.

Explaining complicated concepts in an easy manner: The medical billing instructor not only has the ability to communicate ideas effectively but has the ability to explain complicated concepts so they are easily understood by a layperson. They have a great deal of patience for that.

Responsible for the future medical billing experts The instructors have a lot of years of training, education, and experience, as they are solely responsible for turning out the world’s next medical billing and coders. Hence as a general rule, they hold a minimum of an associate degree in the area and have years of experience.

Real-time experience: Last but not the least the medical coding instructors have a great deal of experience in the field, even before they start teaching others the trade. For example, for the American Association of professional coders (AAPC) there is a requirement that the Certified Professional Coding Instructor Instructor (CPC-I) applicants have at least five years of professional experience.

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