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Monthly Archives: September 2019

Clinical SAS: Using Technology to Improve Diagnostic Coding

As the world moves forward to adorn advanced technology, communication is becoming simpler. The trends have cast their spell even in the medical field and today, it has become possible for coders to use free form text in medical data management to assist healthcare professionals make proper, quick decisions. Though this blog, we will try to elaborate on how hospitals could automate diagnostic coding for increased efficiency, and reduce errors, while also enhancing quality and patient safety.

In the field of health care, professional coders utilise diagnosis codes as tools to identify and group diseases, symptoms, poisonings, disorders, side effects of drugs, patient history, etc for patient encounters. Clinical SAS is standardized diagnostic coding that translates written descriptions of illnesses, diseases, and injuries into clinical codes to facilitate particular classification. Diagnostic codes are approved clinical standards that are used internationally, and Clinical SAS and ICD are among the two most widely used systems for diagnostic coding.

A lot of coding registration is required in the health care sector, and along with this, the demands for documentation and registration are also increasing. In case the documentation and registration are not done automatically, programmers have to invest a lot of time and effort doing it. Therefore, the medical and healthcare sector is moving towards technology for better, error-free diagnostic coding.

You are advised to go for Clinical SAS Patient Safety if your aim is to achieve –

  1. Accurate registration of diagnoses and bi-diagnoses.
  2. Better quality of data to report to other databases.
  3. Greater clinical quality through error-free code registration.
  4. Higher patient safety.
  5. Automated audits.
  6. Dependable information to the users.
  7. To be able to learn registering high-quality data.

Automated Diagnostic Coding

Automated diagnostic coding is your key to efficient, error-free clinical data management. Here are a few things to remember when automating diagnostic code –

  1. Medical record of a patient is key

Majority medical processes and results rely on electronic medical record. There are a lot of resources required for the validation of medical information and coding, and it also leads to errors. With automated diagnostic coding, validation and coding becomes easier as patients’ medical records are registered with diagnosis codes. This saves time, resources and it is error-free too.

  1. Applies on different databases

Medical codes and clinical codes are complex and are usually stored in different formats across databases. Clinical SAS solutions build on robust text analytics that are applicable to almost all databases. Through this method, you can be assured that the coding and reporting are represented in a clinically correct registration.

  1. A time saver

Clinical SAS solutions are a time saver. The most significant advantage of the solutions can be experienced when collecting and viewing the results as it works automatically. By implementing the solution, clinicians can identify suggestions for correcting diagnostic codes in the system. The implementation of the system also means that resources for manual audits become more efficient and promote higher level of data quality.

Clinical SAS can be complicated and professional training is required for becoming a professional in the field.  With its institutions in its branches across Hyderabad and Warangal, Joshi Medicode offers excellent Medical Coding and Billing and Coding training including Clinical SAS training and ICD-10 training.

Medical Coders and Billers – The Scope and Importance Of Training

Medical Coders and Billers play a crucial role in the healthcare ecosystem. Considering the importance of the role they play, it is important that aspirants take professional Medical Billing and Coding Training to ensure they have the correct understanding of the job and pose the knowledge and skills required to do it correctly. The first step for students or other aspirants wishing to pursue a career in the field of healthcare, is to obtain Medical Billing and Coding training. Joshi Medicode, which is one of the top rated medical coding and billing companies in Hyderabad, can help you with the process.

Joshi Medicode offers excellent medical coding and billing courses across its branches in Ameerpet and Dilshuknagar, and Warangal. These programs are designed for part-time students and fresh graduates who wish to work in an administration-oriented environment in healthcare. By taking the professional course, students will be able to gain exposure and knowledge required to enter the flourishing branch of healthcare.

Scope of Medical Billing and Coding

Unlike other professions across the medical and healthcare industry, professionals in medical billing and coding do not have any strict boundaries that define their scope of practice. The healthcare professionals such as doctors and hospital owners hire medical coders and billers in order to save their money and time; to receive proper payments from insurance industries, and to be able to invest more time in their medical practice and improve productivity.

Training in Medical Billing and Coding

Medical Billing and Coding Schools strive to prepare their students for careers in healthcare. Medical Billing and Coding Schools will have training programs designed to equip their students with the knowledge and skills needed for succeeding in their career. When a student chooses professional institute like Joshi Medicode, for their Medical Coding and Billing, they will have a brilliant opportunity to train in and get good exposure in as little as 4-weeks of training. 

Students may also opt for medical billing and coding classes that provide them with the required exposure on a variety of topics. The training classes include topics such as claims processing, medical insurance billing and reimbursement, as well as physician coding and compliance. Some classes are much comprehensive and they also cover some advanced topics including medical terminology, medical law and ethics, and HIPPA, as well as software skills like ICD-10 CM – CPT.

If you’re interested in joining Medical Coding and Billing and Coding training in Hyderabad or Warangal, Joshi Medicode is the right place for you. We are extremely happy to share our knowledge and help you with a brilliant career.

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