A Day in the Life of A Medical Coder ?

People considering Medical Coding and Billing training may keep wondering how their life will turn out to be after getting into the workforce. You may start wondering how your workday would like or worry about the work environment. It is also apparent for you to calculate the pros and cons of Medical Coding and Billing as a career choice?

We understand the enthusiasm and anxiety around it, and we have peeped into the life of a medical coder to understand their typical day at work; and here is what we have learned –

The start of their day

A typical workday of a medical coder starts with them sitting in front of their desks. They have to log-in to the software system to check out the tasks they have to work on. They usually get charts showing diagnoses and medical procedures performed, and the professional has to review them. It is the job of a coder to assign medical codes to the diagnoses and procedures. There are two major coding systems – Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) and International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10). Professionals learn these systems during their medical coding and billing training program. For a medical coder, there is nothing more important than being accurate about coding.

Coders will have to renew both straightforward as well as robust charts. Medical coders also come across medical charts with missing documentation. In such cases, the medical coder needs to email the doctor before the coding can be done to make accurate entries. In these cases, coders usually feel like detectives at work trying to solve a case.

The work station

The work station of a medical coder depends on the employer. It usually involves individual cubicles or shared desks with two monitors – one for accessing the patient chart, and the other for researching and coding systems. Medical coders will have to work in a demanding where they are expected to finish reviewing a certain number of charts/day.


The number of medical coders in a team/ organisation will again depend on the employer and the type of job. For a professional coder working in a major hospital, there will be dozens of medical coders in the team. Working with a group serves as a great advantage when dealing with problems in a chart. On the other hand, smaller private medical offices hire medical coders. In such cases, the coder count is meager.

So this is how you can expect your life as a Medical Coder. We wish you the best of luck in this career field!

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