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5 Advice to those who are pursuing Medical Coding as a Career

Medical Coding is the part of the medical billing process which groups a patient’s visit to the hospital and provides code. Anytime a patient visits a health facility, the visit is given a particular code to assist in the tracking of the primary cause and follow their medical history. The medical coding system makes sure the visit to the hospital is categorized and grouped well so that the information can be used during any insurance claim and billing.

The standard of the medical coding has continuously evolved over the period of years, thus making it complicated. The top-notch coding helps in constructing accurate codes for the patient, proper compensation and also verification of services offered. The codes are importantly used to track and monitor threats to health from diseases like measles and diabetes epidemic.

Medical coding positions both within and outside the medical industry. To have a successful career in this area of specialization, make sure to follow the below steps,

1. Take Pre-employment exams seriously

Whether you are a direct hire or a contract coder, an exam before hiring would be conducted to test your strength and weakness. The test also determines your level of coding in the industry. Never expect the examiner to share a feedback with you, as the test is taken to test your skills and not to improve them during the interview process.

2. Prepare for subjective Medical Coding

There will be cases and diagnosis with questionable ways to code. This happens in order to test not only your coding skill but also your decision making skill. The written pre-employment test is mostly right or wrong, but medical record pre-employment is decision making.

3. Get an experience first

Being a complex field of coding, most employers expect experienced candidates. Hence, if you wish to crack through your dream company, then make sure you have a certain number of practical experience. This might give you an upper hand during the interview process.

4. Always focus on your credential to code

A real coder codes all day and hence the coding credential depends on your choice of medical work that you want. Without a credential, it is hard to get through a job. An employer that hires experienced coders requires AHIMA credential fro hospital-based coding.

5. Build your conscience and be assertive

Being in the medical coding department requires you to be very attentive to minute details while recording and coding the data. The experts are in charge of complex health information which needs to be precise and productive.

While you are on the job, you meet a lot many individuals. Hence it is required that you are self-assured and trustworthy.

Being an important field, only the theoretical knowledge would not suffice. There are many other factors which matter, but the ones listed above should be considered before getting into the role or while planning a future in it.

There are several medical coding institutes and medical coding training centers that provide medical coding training. Consider joining one before attending an interview.

4 Non-traditional Healthcare Career Paths for Biotechnology & Life Science Graduates

Life sciences and biotechnology are no doubt booming career opportunities in India and abroad. However, due to various determinants, life sciences and biotechnology graduate quite often struggle to find proper jobs, especially in India. The reasons are – lack of proper employability skills (both technical and non-technical) and lack of knowledge about career options, i.e., careers outside lab and academia.

If you are one among the life sciences and biotechnology graduate looking for a booming opportunity then here is a list of 4 non-traditional healthcare career paths for biotechnology & life science graduates

Healthcare SAS

Statistical analysis system (SAS) is one of the most thriving and popular tools used for data analysis and statistical modeling. It is one of the fastest and robust software for advanced analytics, business intelligence, multivariate analyses, data mining, data management,  report writing, statistical analysis, applications development, business modeling, and data warehousing. Although the field primarily absorbs graduates with mathematics, statistics, and quantitative backgrounds, there is a genuine need for domain experts as well. SAS is an asset in various job markets as it holds the most significant market share regarding jobs in advanced analytics. The application of data science in biotechnology and life sciences is about far more than merely mining massive data sets.


Over a period, there is a fast pace rise in the number of domains in the healthcare industry which is indeed the reason for the trajectory growth of the healthcare industry.  One such domain that has recorded positive growth is Pharmacovigilance.

Pharmacovigilance, as defined by the WHO is ‘the science and activities relating to the detection, assessment, understanding, and prevention of adverse effects of drugs.’

Healthcare Business Analyst

A combination of life sciences and an IT qualification or skills form an ideal background for the role. Business analysts work in partnership with all key stakeholders across a company to source, prepare and analyze company data that can be used as critical knowledge for decision making that in turn, brings success. Examples include customer demographics, customer purchasing data, sales, and external survey data. Job titles may include Business Analyst,  Business Research Analyst, Senior Business Analyst and Lead Business Analyst.

You will need to gather much of the data you utilize first-hand. Some may be held in databases, so you will need excellent IT skills, which may include the use of languages like SQL to store, retrieve and manipulate the data. You will also need to instigate the mass of new data that is required for business needs through surveys, user groups, and interactions with key stakeholders. Your role will involve analyzing data for significance, compiling and presenting the data and relevant conclusions regarding its application to the healthcare industry.

Clinical Research

Clinical research is the current knowledge-intensive and booming career opportunity. It is one of the industries that’s growing at an astonishing rate. It has opened up a broad scope of job opportunities with a rewarding career option for many aspirants.

Clinical research plays a vital role in introducing new drugs and improving health statistics. It also provides scientific analysis of the benefits,  impact, and risk of medicines or any medicinal product. A clinical trial is a complete biography of medicine from its origin in the lab to its launch to the consumer market and beyond. The trial tests are performed at different stages, and after-launch supervision is maintained to scrutinize the safety and monitor the side effects if any.

These are just a handful of the career paths for life science and biotechnology students. Take the time to talk with your advisor and others in the field outside of academia to see what path is best for you at www.joshimedicode.com for more training information.

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