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5 Common mistakes everyone makes as a Business Analyst.

A healthcare business analyst is expected to bridge the gap between the traditional and advanced methods of information gathering. A healthcare business analyst holds the responsibility for creation and implementation of both reports and analysis to maximize the effectiveness of healthcare management through initiatives and strategies.

The works on a vast landscape with possibilities to commit mistakes unknowingly; and, even the single error affects the complete profitability, team members’ performance, and customer satisfaction. The learning is a continuous process; the following are often committed five mistakes by business analysts will help you improve your performance: 

Mistake 1: Inappropriate language in requirements

Business analyst often fails in communicating the requirements in proper technical terms from the specific technical viewpoint. It is expected that business analysts keep the requirements tested and well structured.

Business Analysts must make the requirements – SMART: Specific – Measurable- Attainable- Realizable -Time-bound. Going a step ahead of this usually used ‘SMART’ approach, one can follow – SMART-CC that adds Complete & Concise to ‘SMART’ acronym. The organization itself is the primary user of the requirements that a business analyst collects and make smart for testing; so, ensure that there is no confusion in understanding by anyone involved.  

Mistake 2: Making assumptions in requirements

If you have any uncertainties regarding the requirements, keep questions ready or write it as business analysis assumptions and highlight it in your document. Review it thoroughly with your stakeholders as early as possible.

Mistake 3: A Conversation without a thought Line

The proper conversation with stakeholders is an essential latchkey to complete any project successfully, but it needs to be in the line of the perspectives you get after the analysis of business needs and that of the project. Non-relevant discussions put just the blinders to actual requirements and distract the team members from the task causing frustration. The competent business analysts avoid involving too many stakeholders in reviews to get the best solution for a particular issue; all the meetings should be issue based.  

Mistake 4: Get feedback.

Get feedback about the requirements from the stakeholders. It is always advised to prefer looping your Managers and the Development team (so that you know the requirements are feasible).

Note:  Always remember – incorrect requirements are worse than incomplete requirements.

Mistake 5: Requirements traceability

The ability to trace business requirements into test cases and to propagate these into functional requirements and development tasks is essential. Never miss that. A proper process makes a smart business analyst. If there are any corrections in the requirement, the business analyst can quickly tell which test cases will be impacted based on the analysis. That makes everything easy.

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Why Business Analyst in Health care domain a dominant profile?

Business analysis is the process of managing with potential support to the whole of the project life cycle. A potential business analyst will have the basic knowledge of requirement methodologies, testing methods, and implementation cycle and software development process framework.

Business analyst in healthcare domain has a lot to give in. healthcare domain is very complex and requires good working knowledge in the industry to know the detailed business process and internal workings. It requires an in-depth knowledge of the workings of hospitals and laboratories in the country.

Techniques and technologies in the healthcare domain have seen a sea of changes from the past few years and the business analyst candidate will have to have a good grasp of the process and be technologically sound. The business analyst’s job in the healthcare domain is to provide better process and software packages and also to ensure that the time, cost and accuracy has adhered as the systems are linked to the human lives and a small mistake may result in disaster directly.

A healthcare business analyst should have experience of various clinical trial procedures and terminologies with knowledge of tools like SAS. Expertise or basic knowledge in clinical research with the medical coding course will help to get a healthcare domain job for the business analyst.

There are several systems like content management systems, data warehouse storing millions of patient records. Also, there are systems which help medical professionals in making a firm decision. It is the responsibility of the business analyst to ensure that the implementation of such systems is failing proof. Another important attribute of the business analyst in the healthcare domain is to have discreetness to ensure that the lives dependant is protected.

Software information security is one of the major issues and business analyst should be aware of the importance of security of the data. The nonfunctional requirement specifications which are documented by the business analysts should clearly list out the risks and constraints related to healthcare domain and should ensure a layer of security if required. A business analyst should be aware of the programming languages, business applications, data mining tools, documentation management and other technological aspects.

An ideal candidate must get the proper business analyst healthcare training post which the candidate would understand the essential topics covered and performed by a business analyst.

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