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5 Awesome reasons to join the Medical Coding and Billing industry

If you are thinking about a career in the healthcare industry, Medical Billing and Coding is an excellent option. We list a few reasons for you to make the switch:

1. A crucial and irreplaceable job

Medical Billing and Coding authorities are necessary for the healthcare industry as they help in minimizing expenses, lessening therapeutic slip-ups and for the most part, guaranteeing that there’s a free stream of data about the patients’ restorative narratives. They are an irreplaceable faction in the healthcare industry that keeps the health services offices running smoothly and saving lives in the bargain as well.

2. No need to graduate from a medical college

Probably the biggest obstacle for individuals who desire to work in the healthcare industry is the high cost and lengthy period of studying in a medical school. Anyone with a keen interest can learn Medical Coding and Billing in just a few months at a reputed training institute and get a professional certification.

3. Making that career switch is easy

Medical Coding and BIlling is a welcoming profession for anyone who is keen to enter the healthcare industry at any stage of their life. You can switch your career to this field with tremendous ease. You can complete the Medical billing and coding program in less than a year. After that, you can take certification exams offered by the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) or the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), and you’re all set a booming career ahead in this field.

4. Flexible shifts

Medical Billing and Coding work is a 24/7 job. Hence, another advantage is the option of shift timings in this profession. Whether you are a morning or night person, this is a career that is for anyone who prefers to work at their optimal capacity and time.

5. Work from home is available

A vast majority of the work is done on a PC by medical billing and coding experts. A few companies offer the choice to telecommute or work from home on some if not for all the days in a week. Thus, Medical coding and billing is an excellent career option for whom working in a typical 9-5 corporate office is not an option.

5 Advice to those who are pursuing Medical Coding as a Career

Medical Coding is the part of the medical billing process which groups a patient’s visit to the hospital and provides code. Anytime a patient visits a health facility, the visit is given a particular code to assist in the tracking of the primary cause and follow their medical history. The medical coding system makes sure the visit to the hospital is categorized and grouped well so that the information can be used during any insurance claim and billing.

The standard of the medical coding has continuously evolved over the period of years, thus making it complicated. The top-notch coding helps in constructing accurate codes for the patient, proper compensation and also verification of services offered. The codes are importantly used to track and monitor threats to health from diseases like measles and diabetes epidemic.

Medical coding positions both within and outside the medical industry. To have a successful career in this area of specialization, make sure to follow the below steps,

1. Take Pre-employment exams seriously

Whether you are a direct hire or a contract coder, an exam before hiring would be conducted to test your strength and weakness. The test also determines your level of coding in the industry. Never expect the examiner to share a feedback with you, as the test is taken to test your skills and not to improve them during the interview process.

2. Prepare for subjective Medical Coding

There will be cases and diagnosis with questionable ways to code. This happens in order to test not only your coding skill but also your decision making skill. The written pre-employment test is mostly right or wrong, but medical record pre-employment is decision making.

3. Get an experience first

Being a complex field of coding, most employers expect experienced candidates. Hence, if you wish to crack through your dream company, then make sure you have a certain number of practical experience. This might give you an upper hand during the interview process.

4. Always focus on your credential to code

A real coder codes all day and hence the coding credential depends on your choice of medical work that you want. Without a credential, it is hard to get through a job. An employer that hires experienced coders requires AHIMA credential fro hospital-based coding.

5. Build your conscience and be assertive

Being in the medical coding department requires you to be very attentive to minute details while recording and coding the data. The experts are in charge of complex health information which needs to be precise and productive.

While you are on the job, you meet a lot many individuals. Hence it is required that you are self-assured and trustworthy.

Being an important field, only the theoretical knowledge would not suffice. There are many other factors which matter, but the ones listed above should be considered before getting into the role or while planning a future in it.

There are several medical coding institutes and medical coding training centers that provide medical coding training. Consider joining one before attending an interview.

Career prospects and future for the clinical research industry

Clinical research is the current knowledge-intensive and booming industry. It is one of the industries that’s growing at an astonishing rate. It has opened up a broad scope of employment opportunities with a rewarding career option for many aspirants.

Clinical research plays a vital role in introducing new drugs and improving health statistics. It also provides scientific analysis of the impact, benefits, and risk of medicines or any medicinal product. A clinical trial is a complete biography of a drug from its origin in the lab to its launch to the consumer market and beyond. These tests are performed at different stages, and after-launch supervision is maintained to scrutinize the safety and monitor the side effects if any.

Opportunities for clinical research:

Clinical research has a broad scope of various career prospects in different areas. One can find multiple career options depending upon his area of interest and type of clinical research. One can apply in the following fields:

  • CRO(Contract Research Organizations)
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Medical Device Companies
  • Biotechnology
  • PRO (Patient Recruitment Organizations)
  • Clinical data management
  • Central lab
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Medical writing
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Logistics and courier services
  • Research sites
  • Auditing of clinical trials
  • Government Agencies

Core areas of clinical research:


  • Clinical Research Associate (CRA)


CRA is a healthcare professional who conducts activities related to clinical trials. They are the soul in the field of Clinical Research. The authorities find their place in various organizations such as medical research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, and government agencies. Based on the organization’s policies different education and certification requirements may be necessary to practice as a Clinical Research Associate.

  • Clinical Research Organisation (CRO)

A CRO landscape is vast; using a CRO’s expertise you can maximize the effectiveness of your clinical trials. A CRO organizes and conduct clinical trials to check the test molecule in humans.


  • Clinical Data Management (CDM)


CDM is a critical aspect of clinical research. CDM leads to the generation of superior quality, dependable, and statistically well-informed data from clinical trials. The final goal of CDM is to assure a well-maintained data support conclusions drawn from research and thus achieving this goal protects public health and creates confidence in the world of therapeutics.

Did you know? India is the second largest pharmaceutical industry in Asia. There seems a rise of approximately 10% of the career prospects annually in the upcoming years. Various multinational companies are offering their research facilities in India, which result in an exponential rise in the clinical research industry.

There is a massive need for clinical research professionals in this fast-growing field. Clinical research makes an attractive career option with vast scope for professional growth. To build a career in clinical research, basic education in this field is necessary, and an excellent hands-on is the need.

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