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5 Advice to those who are pursuing Medical Coding as a Career

Medical Coding is the part of the medical billing process which groups a patient’s visit to the hospital and provides code. Anytime a patient visits a health facility, the visit is given a particular code to assist in the tracking of the primary cause and follow their medical history. The medical coding system makes sure the visit to the hospital is categorized and grouped well so that the information can be used during any insurance claim and billing.

The standard of the medical coding has continuously evolved over the period of years, thus making it complicated. The top-notch coding helps in constructing accurate codes for the patient, proper compensation and also verification of services offered. The codes are importantly used to track and monitor threats to health from diseases like measles and diabetes epidemic.

Medical coding positions both within and outside the medical industry. To have a successful career in this area of specialization, make sure to follow the below steps,

1. Take Pre-employment exams seriously

Whether you are a direct hire or a contract coder, an exam before hiring would be conducted to test your strength and weakness. The test also determines your level of coding in the industry. Never expect the examiner to share a feedback with you, as the test is taken to test your skills and not to improve them during the interview process.

2. Prepare for subjective Medical Coding

There will be cases and diagnosis with questionable ways to code. This happens in order to test not only your coding skill but also your decision making skill. The written pre-employment test is mostly right or wrong, but medical record pre-employment is decision making.

3. Get an experience first

Being a complex field of coding, most employers expect experienced candidates. Hence, if you wish to crack through your dream company, then make sure you have a certain number of practical experience. This might give you an upper hand during the interview process.

4. Always focus on your credential to code

A real coder codes all day and hence the coding credential depends on your choice of medical work that you want. Without a credential, it is hard to get through a job. An employer that hires experienced coders requires AHIMA credential fro hospital-based coding.

5. Build your conscience and be assertive

Being in the medical coding department requires you to be very attentive to minute details while recording and coding the data. The experts are in charge of complex health information which needs to be precise and productive.

While you are on the job, you meet a lot many individuals. Hence it is required that you are self-assured and trustworthy.

Being an important field, only the theoretical knowledge would not suffice. There are many other factors which matter, but the ones listed above should be considered before getting into the role or while planning a future in it.

There are several medical coding institutes and medical coding training centers that provide medical coding training. Consider joining one before attending an interview.

Success Tips To Master Medical Coding

There is no doubt that healthcare careers are complicated. Healthcare experts attempt to understand, interpret and diagnose problems in the complex human body. Even a health information technician career such as medical coder, biller or transcriptor, which doesn’t involve working directly with patients, but requires a keen understanding of the various codes assigned to different medical diagnoses.

There are several different careers to choose from health information technician. If you are looking for an in-demand option that you could launch with minimal qualification, medical coding might be the perfect fit.

Learning the ropes of medical coder may not be a walk in the park, but it’s not even a rocket science, either. There are the insights on the challenging aspects of mastering medical coding.

What is medical coding?

Medical coding is assigning codes to insurance claims from a particular patient visiting a healthcare facility. Straightforwardly, whenever a patient visits a clinic or hospital for any reason, the visit is assigned with specific medical codes to help track the reason for the patient’s visit.

This system of medical coding assures that health care visits are categorized correctly during billing and process of insurance claims. A medical coder is a person responsible for allocating those specific medical codes such as CPT, ICD, and HCPCS to the claim.

Is medical coding really too hard?

Definitely No! Medical coding is more like learning a foreign language. What makes it challenging is that there are three major coding systems and each of them is different. So you are likely to learn three foreign languages. Learning a foreign language may be a daunting experience, but it’s surely not impossible.  

What are the most challenging aspects as a medical coder?

Human anatomy has a lot of grey areas, but medical coding is all about black and white. It can be quite challenging to transform cloudy and complicated symptoms into clear, discernible codes.

One of the most challenging parts of the medical coding job is just to learn the quirks of the computer and how to get around them. It takes a lot of diligence and attention-to-detail to be a successful medical coder.

Another challenging aspect is to keep up with industry changes.  Medical coding has a constant state of flux- the changes in governance and healthcare regulations all impacts coding systems, and it is crucial for coding professionals to stay on top of these changes to avoid documenting erroneous information.

But these challenges are the main reason for medical coders to be in such high demand. The hunt for efficient and accurate medical coders is fierce! This is why there is a huge demand for educated and credentialed coders. And the best part is that the pay increases with the more experience and credentials you have.

Five  success tips to master medical coding:

Medical coders are responsible learn and research, and it this not job for everyone. It takes a lot of self-motivation, focus and diligence become a medical coder.

If you think you have got what it takes then, these 5 top tips  will help you achieve success in coding studies:

  1. Enhance your learning skills with flashcards, note-taking, online quizzes and other supplemental educational materials. Practice and deep understanding are essential keys to becoming a competent medical coder.
  1. Make sure you grasp what you are learning. The bare minimum won’t be enough to pass the certification exam; you need to understand all your learnings.
  1. Commit to keeping up with current changes in the industry. To be successful in this field, you will have to be a lifelong learner.
  1. When you are sure that you learned something new, read it one more time, this will assure that you have retained your new knowledge and had a deeper understanding of the material.
  1. Study and review the learnings daily. This will benefit you to translate information from your short-term memory to the long term.

Be apart of health information technician careers such as medical coding, billing, and transcription by getting trained at Joshi medicode. Reach us at www.joshimedicode.com for further assistance.

What is the job outlook for Medical Coding?

Today, the outlook for any given profession is under great scrutiny, but when it comes to medical coding, the future looks great. Medical coding is one of the fastest growing jobs in the healthcare today.  It’s unlikely that strong candidates for this profession will ever struggle to find work as the healthcare industry expands. And the best way to make sure of the strongest job prospects possible is to get formal medical coding and pursue medical coding certification from a good institute.

If you consider taking a career in Medical coding, the training can help you develop the skills and knowledge. You can also prepare for an industry-recognized certification exam, like the Certified Professional Coder (CPC®) exam. As many employers want candidates with relevant education and certification, medical billing and coding candidates should be able to demonstrate an understanding of industry-standard codes and practices.

As per U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS),  the employment for Medical Records and Health Information Technicians, which includes medical billers and coders, is expected to increase 15% from 2014-2024, faster than the average rate for all occupations.

The increase in the job opportunities will also have an impact on the very nature of the profession, thus impacting the job outlook:

Increase in work from home employment:  Medical coding is an administrative profession which does not require any face-to-face interaction with patients. This makes telecommuting a more viable option than a need for having a medical coder on location less important. Due to this trend, there is an increase of professionals in the field who want to take up work from home and giving ample scope for freelancing.

A healthy increase in training demands: As there is a high demand for medical coding jobs, there is also great training demand from employers and organizations which offer certifications.  For example, AHIMA seeks to increase education levels so that a graduate degree will be necessary for professional growth.

Other opportunities: There are other career opportunities which exist for medical coders. They may be hired as auditors for private companies which will help other facilities maintain compliance by reviewing their medical documents.  There are also jobs which exist as claims adjudicators on the payer side. Many times medical coders are cross-trained as medical billers also, and they can climb the ladder as medical office management positions.  There are also other jobs which exist as that of medical billing advocates. These advocates work for private entities which provide services to inpatient hospital clients to review their bills for errors and get the biller lowered.

To conclude, one can say the outlook looks quite bright for a person who aspires for a job as a medical coder. Due to the competitive nature of the job market, you need to take a quality medical coding training necessary to land a good job.

Steps to make a winning career in medical coding

Steps to make a winning career in medical coding

Today, medical coding or medical coders are in demand healthcare professionals, who can expect to have a great job security in their future. As the healthcare industry is expanding, it is turning out to be the fastest growing industry. And now is the time to make a smart career move.

In a short time, with 45 days or less of training, you can be ready for a career which pays well, is meaningful, has the job security and allows you to work hours which matches your lifestyle.

Here are few steps which you with an excellent way to make a winning career in the  booming healthcare industry

Step 1. Learn More about Medical Coding

The very first step to start down the path of this career is to learn about medical coding. Before you start your training in the field, you need to make sure that this is the field you are really interested.  There are many reasons for you take up this as a career, which includes the regular hours, a job security, a good salary.

Step 2. Learn what the career in Medical Coding Has to Offer to you

You need to know the main benefits of taking up a job as a medical coder. You may have a certain idea about how much you want to earn, how many hours you will spending on the work, but you should also know if it matches with the dreams you have for your future.

Step 3. Enroll in an institute Once you have all the knowledge of what the profession involves, you should start looking for institutes that offer training programs in medical coding.  Joshi Medicode Technologies makes you ready for a professional career in Medical Coding, Billing and Transcription. We at Joshi Medicode emphasize the practical methods of learning. and prepare you to excel in the medical coding certification exam.

Step 4. Get certified: Most of the employers prefer to hire certified professionals. There are numerous industry organizations which offer certifications for medical coding specialists. Two of the most popular credentials are the Certified Professional Coder(CPC), American Academy of Professional Coders'(AAPC) and American Health Information Management Association’s (AHIMA). These credentials are awarded when the applicant has passed the associated certification exam.

Step 5. Get a job: Look for the institute that includes placement assistance services for their graduates. You should also put your resume on job sites as well as participate in professional networking forums to find more job opportunities. Get active in industry circles by networking with other professionals, attending seminars, and becoming a member of local chapters of professional organizations such as AAPC and AHIMA.

Benefits of being a certified medical coder.

Benefits of being a certified medical coder.

Medical coding is the in-demand career right now, and there is a high rise in medical coding jobs. One can have a great career in medical coding if they have an excellent medical coding training which prepares them for certification tests.

A medical coder who is certified is a professional responsible for overseeing records of patients.  Working as an intermediary to the insurance company, health clinic, and billing office, medical coders require skills which are detail oriented and analytical. They should also be proficient with the medical software.

Advantages of Certified as a Medical Coder

There is an inherent advantage of being certified, as it distinguishes a certified medical coder as more competent, knowledgeable and committed to quality.  It also gives one a competitive edge in career advancement and to be considered for higher administrative positions in the medical industry.

A certified medical coder gets a foundation of learning in medical terminology, pathophysiology, anatomy, and physiology. He is prepared to work as certified coding specialist in health data management. Also, finds deep understanding compliance with the medical law and ethical standards set out by national health service organization.

Being certified will also help employers know that one has learned the skills needed to work in this field. It also provides one with the confidence to work independently and reassures employers, giving a tremendous advantage over those who are not certified.

One with certifications in the field can earn more than those without. Certifications increase the earning potential. Medical coders can also establish themselves substantially in the job market with a higher potential with an average range earning the potential of US$3000 to $50000 per year. According to the annual survey of AAPC, certified medical coders earn more than 21% in contrast to non-certified coders. The medical coders who are certified have some bargaining power when interviewing for a new job, especially when one has already experience in the medical field.

Medical coders with a certification are committed to higher quality and have a good understanding of medical coding and the errors associated with them. Employers understand this quality and are more likely to hire one with a certificate than another one who doesn’t own a certificate.

The huge advantage of a medical coder who has certifications is that they would be recognized by employers, medical societies, and government organizations. This helps a candidate to secure great jobs and they also draw salaries much more than ones who are not certified.

Being certified ensures one to have a grand entry for jobs in the US healthcare industry. Being one of the fastest growing professions in the US, medical coding is emerging as a highly rewarding career and one with certification earns 20% more than noncertified medical coders.

Getting AAPC certification from Joshi Medicode

AAPC certifications provide working knowledge for cleaner claim submission, quicker reimbursement, and a lesser number of denials. AAPC certifications include professional service coding (CPC), hospital outpatient (COC), hospital inpatient (CIC), payer perspective coding (CPC-P), professional billing (CPB), medical auditing (CPMA), medical compliance (CPCO), and physician practice management (CPPM).

We at Joshi Medicode provide in-depth classroom, and virtual training to pass out the AAPC certification exams.  Our certified course in medical coding prepares students for these exams.

Visit our website https://www.joshimedicode.com  if you are interested in a career in the healthcare industry and get certified.

Interview Tips for Medical Coding

The interview process is the most challenging step one faces while applying for new positions in any field. It is very important to keep calm and poise during the interviews, particularly if you are a student studying medical billing and coding. The field requires not only a concrete understanding of how to perform coding but also your ability to adapt to specific needs of individual practices.

Following are the tips that you can follow before you take that interview.

Presenting yourself professionally:  First impression is the best impression. Nowadays, when the work environment is more casual, the question arises, whether it is necessary to appear professional? But then, you will be surprised to know that many who attend interviews have failed because they could not make a proper impression, by the way, they dress and what they said during the interview did not seem to be appropriate. It is very important that you present yourself professionally even if the workplace is casual. Your aim should be always to show up to a medical billing and coding interview in a professional and neat clothing so that your prospective employer has a very good first impression about you.

Present your hard skills: One of the foremost questions that you will face in the interview for medical coding is about your actual expertise and experience in the area. Let your interviewer know your experience and you need to present it with valid data. If you are fresher in the field, talk about the same. the early interviews are for finding out your raw ability. If you were academically good, talk about it and explain how good you in understanding billing and coding. The subsequent interviews that are conducted further in the process might focus on your personality and whether you are a match for that specific practice But you need to manage the unexpected questions that are asked in between. Go through the websites and news articles to find out the latest updates and changes in healthcare laws and policies.

Emphasise your Soft Skills: Your hard skills for medical coding plays an integral part in the interview process. But your soft skills are also important.  Before attending an interview, try learning about the organization you plan to attend the interview, their services, their practices and also about their clientele.  In case, you have done an internship in a medical billing and coding clinic or practice, don’t forget to mention that. This will add value to the interview.

How could stepping into medical coding be a right career decision?

Presently, there is  30% shortage for medical coders and billers nationwide, making now a great time to jump into the Healthcare field. Besides a good salary, a medical coding and billing career offer plenty of advancement opportunities. All the procedure or service provided by healthcare professionals such as a doctor is assigned a numerical code. This code is utilized for disease and ailment classification. It is necessary for patient record keeping, insurance, and medical claims. Medical coders can serve in a diverse range of environments including medical clinics,  hospitals, doctors surgeries and insurance companies. Need more convincing reasons to know why medical coding and billing career is a good choice? Here are three big reasons why a medical coding and billing career is an awesome choice.

You are at the heart of one of the nation’s biggest industries

Health Care is one of the most significant industries in the country and is developing rapidly. It is assumed to generate 2.8 million new jobs by 2022. Due to growing advancements in the field of medical, government regulations medical coding is becoming a necessary software to serve the clients with accuracy & transparency.

Just view around you has a basket full of opportunities.  

Many companies require qualified and skilled medical coding staff extending from hospitals to practices to insurance companies. You can also give a try for a contract or remote opportunities which often have added fringe benefits such as higher pay rates. Medical coding is an exciting profession that can provide stimulating and rewarding opportunities to dedicated individuals.

Great Pay.

Entry level medical coders can develop their earning potential with skills and experience by getting well recognized medical coding certification in AHIMA and AAPC certifications. There are few additional courses such as CCS, CCA, CCS-P, CPC, CPC-H. under which training can be done to improve your career path that can help you enhance your earning potential. Certification is one such avenue that can assist you to go into management based positions where your skills are valued.

Short and flexible training time.

A course in medical coding can be accomplished in just two months; this is ideal for candidates who are keen to get out into the workforce and start earning. For candidates that need to pace the learning to fit in with other commitments, the online courses or training provide a flexible learning schedule. The courses are designed to get the candidate ready to take the exam. As soon as you qualify, you can immediately start working.

Work at home opportunities.

Some companies will consider work from home, this is great for candidates who enjoy working from the comfort of their home. In particular, with the cost of childcare, stay at home moms can operate out a schedule to support work commitments and raise the children at the same time.

Why should Medical coder seek a coding certification?

A medical coder is a person who translates all the details of a patient’s record into medical codes that are used by insurance companies, to determine the reimbursed facilities. Thus the role of a medical coder is crucial to a health care provider.

Medical coding career path- opportunities:

  • Ranging from a study of pediatrics to orthopedics to oncology an experienced and certified medical coder has ample opportunities to an advancement of his career in the healthcare industry.
  • One can become a health information technician, specialist in medical billing, clinical documentation specialist, patient information director, quality management coordination.
  • A student who earns a medical billing and coding certificate is on the edge of gaining a projected increase in employment opportunities by 22% by the year 2022, according to the Bureau of Labour statistics.

Job of a Medical Coding Specialist:

Whenever a patient visits a clinic or a hospital, specific codes are assigned to keep track of the visit which is termed as Medical coding. The system ensures systematic categorization of health care visits that help in the billing and process insurance claims by the citizens. These specific medical codes use the software called CPT, HCPCS, and ICD.  

Complex medical systems are converted into clear, distinct codes in the process of medical coding. A specialist in the entry level of clinical coding works through analysing clinical documentation, assign appropriate diagnosis besides abstracting the codes and other clinical data. The information helps in determining the insurance reimbursement levels, patterns of illness, quality of care thereby reducing discrepancies of payment in documentation and charging.

Is it difficult to learn?:

For a novice in the field, medical coding is as much as learning a foreign language, difficult but not impossible. Your diligence, attention to detail can make you a successful coder.

However, at Joshi Medicode you would find the most effective and easier ways to explore the field through the unique methods of teaching using

  • Virtual learning/classroom sessions.
  • Personalized one to one interaction and guidance.
  • Certified Professional
  • Easy and understandable learning sessions.

What makes you significant?

As much as detecting the patient’s medical problem can be challenging, learning to read the medical records is equally challenging and a vital task. Coders get insights into several interesting facts of medical records, in fact, the stories behind their minor and major ailments that make a study of the field lucrative.

Skilled medical coders help in running the insurance payments that can help to serve the needs of the majority of the patients. A coder’s job becomes critical as they translate the details of the patient records into codes. These codes are used by the insurance companies to determine the amount of reimbursement of the medical fees from the respective hospitals.

Is medical coding right for you?

If you look forward to a successful career in this field, you need to prepare yourself in the rapidly emerging field. Accordingly, the following skills are required to be successful whether you are a novice or gain further expertise through medical coding training and certification.

  • The basic grasp of medical terminology
  • Attention to detail and discretion
  • Analytical and technical grasp and logic can be helpful.
  • Adaptability to learn new software programs.
  • Consistent reading, deeper understanding, reviewing and memorizing can make your study efficient and easy.

Beyond all your career transition and eligibility, Joshi Medicode would help you guide effectively to make your professional career in medical coding, billing, and transcription an easy affair.

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