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How to choose the Right Path to Earn Your Pharmacovigilance certification?

Pharmacovigilance (PV) or drug safety is an essential aspect while assessing the risk/benefit of the various pharma products and confirming their safety for patients.

What is Pharmacovigilance?

It is the science of obtaining, monitoring, investigating, assessing and analyzing information from healthcare service providers and affected individuals on the side effects of the drug.

The functioning of the industry

There are big companies associated with this medical field with their respective teams located at different sites. Working in separate departments exists for employees with very little technical exposure with the senior detection staff and risk management staff.

The ideal candidate for the Pharmacovigilance role is someone who is knowledgeable, autonomous, spontaneous, has excellent communication and time management skills and is open to new experiences and challenges. They should be able to work independently and remotely with minimal supervision.

Five tips before pursuing Pharmacovigilance certification

1. Consider your interest in PV

PV has multiple areas to be considered. There are many specialized jobs in this field to choose from like Statisticians, Epidemiologists, IT and Computer experts.

2. Consider your educational qualification

You cannot get into PV with a regular degree. You need to have the relevant education in pharmacy, medical or life science. The higher your educational qualification is, the more will be your opportunities to get into PV. The highest degrees being MD, DO, RPh, PharmD, RN, LPN, Ph.D., MS, BS, IT, Epidemiology, etc.

3. Get experience first

Being a complex field of detection risks, most employers hire only experienced candidates for this role.  Hence, if you wish to crack through your dream company and job, then make sure you have a certain

number of years of practical experience. It will give you an upper hand during the interview process.

4. Consider your place of work

Working in PV can offer you great prospects if you consider working for small pharma companies, sites with global activities, generic businesses and regulatory and drug safety organizations. Therefore, a candidate must always try to get through these fronts to gain more knowledge and stability.

5. Build your skillset

Being in the PV department requires you to be very attentive to minute details while analyzing risks and other factors of various drugs which are used by people. The experts are in charge of complex health information which needs to be precise and productive.

While you are on the job, you will meet many people. Hence it is required of the role that you are self-assured and trustworthy. Pharmacovigilance is one of the complex and critical jobs in the pharma world. There has to be a lot of consideration before joining this field. Patience and understanding are essential for this role.

Our final thoughts are that there are many Pharmacovigilance training institutes providing Pharmacovigilance training. Try gaining more knowledge on the subject as well as research about the training institute before making a decision and applying for certification.

10 Reasons why should one get a career in Pharmacovigilance

Pharmacovigilance or drug safety is an important factor for assessing the risk involved in various pharma products and confirming their safety for the patients. Pharmacovigilance includes obtaining, monitoring, investigating, assessing and analyzing information from service providers and affected individuals.

Reasons why you should get a career in Pharmacovigilance

  1. Drugs appear to be safe and well tolerated when said, but in reality, the safety is very much unclear. The expert ensures the safety of the drug that is being produced and sent to the market. Side effects of the repeated use of the drug or when used with other drugs are read and studied practically.
  2. Pharmacovigilance provides evidence that will inspire public confidence and trust. Medicine-related problems like treatment failure, counterfeit, poor quality, drug interactions, and incorrect use are governed by the expert.
  3. Pharmacovigilance takes care of the vulnerable groups and plans accordingly for a group of people like pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, elderly and young children.
  4. Pharmacovigilance gets to know of the unknown adverse reactions and interactions of a drug. You act very crucially in case of any uncertain adverse situation. Detection of the frequency of the reactions is also noticed by an expert.
  5. The power and authority given to a Pharmacovigilance is very important when compared to the rest in a team. The study on a particular drug can never be stopped without the concern of the expert responsible.
  6. A Pharmacovigilance expert keeps the market and the process moving. There are multiple requirements of the drug for various diseases and treatments. These drugs are carefully investigated and created under the expert’s guidance.
  7. A Pharmacovigilance expert not only looks forward to the human safety but they also try to minimize the exploitation of animals while testing a drug. An expert looks for an eternal way of creating a drug which can be less harmful and easily tested.  
  8. A Pharmacovigilance expert is supposed to be smart enough to prevent any preventable disease or treatment without much adherence to the drug. He/she must be able to tackle the situation with the least usage of the harmful and powerful drug.
  9. A Pharmacovigilance expert knows about the harms and benefits of a drug and the interim that be created during a certain disease or situation. Being one of the crucial roles to play in the pharma world, a lot of knowledge of different drugs is required.
  10. An expert in Pharmacovigilance is expected to be a knowledgeable and highly experienced personnel who would understand and act according to the benefits and harms a drug might cause to the humans. A patient’s disease must be anticipated and realized by a Pharmacovigilance expert more than a doctor.

Above are the various reasons for which Pharmacovigilance is considered not only a crucial role instead of a powerful stand in the world of health, fitness, and survival. The job requires many talents and confidence. If you have the above capability and surety, Pharmacovigilance is definitely a domain to look forward to.

In case, you are interested in the domain and need proper training, do look forward to various Pharmacovigilance courses and Pharmacovigilance training institutes for better knowledge.

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